Image Credit: Henry Bett, 2017

Hospitals for the mentally unwell were just beginning to form in 1855, the year that the Ozymandius Hospital Group opened its prestigious and mysterious facility in the sleepy town of White Haven, CT. Known by most simply as Oz,  in 1988, the hospital is still the nation’s leading provider of discreet mental health services and groundbreaking science.

Enter Miranda, an extraordinarily bright thirteen-year-old who has a strange secret. When her unusual circumstances become too much for her parents to deal with any longer, she is sent to Oz, where things go from weird to weirder.

Lurking in the shadows cast by high stone walls and ancient trees is something dark. It hides under beds and between floorboards. And it is hungry.

Provided assistance by an unlikely pair of inmates with secrets of their own, it will take all of Miranda’s cunning, skill, and personality to piece together ancient clues and modern warnings before the evil that lives at Ozymandius strikes again.

A story of 100 chapters, each exactly 100 words in length. Updated twice weekly.